July 2018

When I'm busy and traveling, I'm not thinking about updating my website even more than normal. So for the 10 of you to whom I am so grateful and might care a lick about what I'm doing, here it is.

I have mastered no new recipes for Fava beans, yet this was the first summer I can ever remember seeing them fresh in the market and now live for their return. The thing is, they're a lot of work, and the volume of unhusked pods per finished product is ridiculous. Seriously, start out with an 8"x 1.5" pod and you might get three .5 diameter beans. So I wouldn't recommended serving them at a dinner party unless you have lots of little fingers to help shuck.

In other news... early May brought me to the Pasadena Playhouse where OUT THERE RIGHT HERE had a masterful reading helmed by Brian Brophy of the Mach33 team at Caltech and starring Philip Baker Hall, Lizzie Peet, Paul Bartholomew and Mauricio Mendoza. I'm hoping to get a production going somewhere very soon.

My sketch team in Portland has been kicking it with NIGHT BUS, now at the Shoebox Theatre. We're a new company and we've received our first review. It's a good one: http://www.wweek.com/arts/2018/07/03/night-bus-is-a-wacky-sketch-comedy-show-that-holds-tight-to-a-brand-of-portland-weird/

And I participated in a 24 hour playfest last night at Profile Theatre with 29 other spontantous theatremakers and paid homage to Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author, with my play. It went as well as could be expected considering it was written and performed in 24 hours.

Next up--finishing the edit on Muffia III, aka Muff Stuff, and, in August, developing a new play, Girl v. Troll in Coho Theatre's Play development lab. Thank you Coho and Philip Cuomo for the opportunity!