MARCH 2018

It's been hectic. The New York City Reading of THE ONE YOU FEED, was a great success. After the play being selected, The Dennis & Victoria Ross Foundation and O'Henry Productions put together a great cast with Heidi Armbruster in the lead role of Serena Wolcott, a shut-in who wakes up one day to find out her son has been radicalized and joined the so-called Islamic State.

Next up on Monday, March 12th at Sacred Fools Theatre in Los Angeles, MY KNEE HURTS will be included in "We the People Theatre Action," a series of short plays, the proceeds of which will benefit "Moms Demand Action" for sensible gun regulations.

At the moment, I'm torturing myself (probably unnecessarily though isn't that what writers do?) over the rewrite for OUT THERE RIGHT HERE, which was the recipient of the Caltech Mach 33 playwrights prize for science writing. It will be read on Monday, May 7th at The Pasadena Playhouse and I'm thrilled.